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ENSOGO Mutual Fund and ETF Reports

ENSOGO Analytics offers unique rating analysis and reports of mutual funds and ETFs on their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) attributes. These reports are generated quickly and easily, and provide comprehensive ESG insights.

ENSOGO’s ESG Ratings

The ENSOGO Analytics product offers the user ready access to reports on more than 2,500 mutual funds and 500 ETFs with exposure to US companies and their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) profiles. These 3,000+ funds have more than 8,500 fund tickers. ESG ratings include a 5-diamond ENSOGO peer ranking.

The ENSOGO Rating is based on an analysis of six issue categories:

  • Environmental Impact– includes an analysis of environmental performance, as well as an evaluation of environmental policies and transparency.
  • Climate Change– includes an analysis of each company’s performance, policy, and transparency on climate change issues.
  • Human Rights and Labor– includes an evaluation of human rights, workforce, and diversity issues. Scoring includes policy and transparency evaluations, and where possible, performance information.
  • Community—includes an evaluation of community involvement, philanthropy, and political issues.
  • Governance Structure– includes an analysis of board independence, qualifications, responsibilities shouldered by the board, and governance policies and procedures.
  • CEO Compensation—includes an evaluation of the total level of CEO compensation, including an analysis of bonus and salary levels, all normalized based on company sales revenue to account for different company sizes.


SRI Negative Screening

In addition to the ESG analysis, ENSOGO reports present information on the fund’s exposure to negative screening of Social Responsible Investing (SRI) issues. Subscribers may choose the SRI Module, which provides exposure issue coverage on: Abortion, Adult Entertainment, Alcohol, Animal Testing, Contraceptives, Firearms, Gambling, Military Weapons, Nuclear Power, Nuclear Weapons, Oil and Coal, Predatory Lending, Stem Cell Research, and Tobacco.

BRI Negative Screening

Alternatively, subscribers may choose the “BRI” (Biblically Responsible Investing) Module, which provides exposure issue coverage on: Abortion, Abortion Philanthropy, Adult Entertainment, Alcohol, Contraceptives, Gambling, LGBT, and Tobacco in a BRI category, and Animal Testing, Firearms, Military Weapons, Nuclear Power, Predatory Lending, and Stem Cell Research in an Other Issues category.

Issue Area Definitions

Abortion. This category identifies companies with involvement as manufacturers of abortifacients, providers of elective abortion services, and owners and operators of medical facilities where abortions may be provided.

Abortion Philanthropy. This category identifies company who have publicly disclosed their contributions to Planned Parenthood.

Adult Entertainment. This category identifies companies with involvement in the production or distribution of adult-themed media (including print, movie, and television), sexually explicit internet operations, adult software and video games (including those rated “mature” and “adult only”), and sexually explicit live performances.

Alcohol. This category identifies companies with involvement in the manufacturing, branding, or distribution of alcoholic products for consumption; suppliers making consumable ingredients and non-consumable products for the alcohol industry; and companies involved in the retail sale of alcohol.

Animal Testing. This category identifies companies with animal testing facilities—as identified by the U.S. Department of Agriculture or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)—that conduct pharmaceutical or non-pharmaceutical testing.

Contraceptives. This category identifies companies with involvement in the manufacturing of emergency and non-emergency contraceptives.

Firearms. This category identifies companies with involvement in the manufacture of firearms or ammunition for non-military markets, as well as companies that engage in the retail sale of firearms or ammunition.

Gambling. This category identifies companies with involvement in the operation of gaming operations, the manufacture of gaming equipment, or the operation of online gaming services.

LGBT. This category identifies companies scored by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Corporate Equality Index as having scores of 100. HRC is a pro LGBT advocacy organization and higher scores represent more support for LGBT issues. 100 is the highest score HRC assigns to companies.

Military Weapons. This category identifies companies with involvement in the manufacture of conventional weapons (including full weapons systems, landmines, and cluster munitions) and nuclear weapons (including weapons systems) for military markets.

Nuclear Power. This category identifies owners and operators of active nuclear power plants, as well as plants currently undergoing decommissioning.

Nuclear Weapons. This category identifies companies with involvement in the manufacture of nuclear weapons, including weapons systems.

Oil and Coal. This category identifies companies within oil and coal industries according to industry classification information, including exploration, drilling, production, refining, drilling services and equipment, and mining.

Predatory Lending. This category identifies companies that offer predatory financial services in the marketplace, including high interest short-term loans, fee check cashing services, and pawn brokering.

Stem Cell Research. This category identifies companies that conduct research using stem cells. This research may include adult, umbilical, placenta, embryonic, or fetal tissue stem cells. In addition, the category identifies companies involved in providing supplies or services to researchers in this area.

Tobacco. This category identifies companies with involvement in the manufacture, branding, or distribution of tobacco products, as well as suppliers of non-tobacco components intended primarily for use in the tobacco industry, and retail sellers of tobacco products.

Fund Screener

ENSOGO also includes a powerful search engine—a fund screener—allowing quick assessment of mutual funds based on specific attributes. For example, the user can search quickly for a top tier ESG scored fund that doesn’t hold any exposure to tobacco stocks.


Client Customized Client Portfolios

Finally, ENSOGO Analytics gives users the ability to create a customized client portfolio of mutual fund and ETF investments. Based on this portfolio, the user can run a report that aggregates all of the individual fund scores. Portfolios can also be used as the basis for running Fund Screener.


For financial advisors using the product to support client specific investment decisions, the mutual fund or ETF module is $600/year for a single seat license.  You may subscribe to the mutual fund and ETF modules together for $900/year.

Each license includes analysis of long-only, US equity ESG coverage within the funds.  If your office needs to have several advisors using the product, let us know and we’ll discuss a discount package.

If you are an RIA or a fund management company developing fund-of-fund products, contact us to discuss our pricing schedule.



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