About Ensogo


The ENSOGO Analytics Story


ENSOGO Analytics grew from a simple question asked by a financial advisor: “Can you evaluate a mutual fund on sustainability issues?” From that question, we realized the need among mutual fund investors for resources to answer values-based investing questions quickly and accurately. Mark Bateman, with over 20 years of ESG/SRI investment research experience, teamed with former Oregon State Treasurer Randall Edwards and former Oregon Deputy State Treasurer Linda Haglund to answer this question and built ENSOGO Analytics.


Whatever issues may concern individual mutual fund investors, the lack of information available to support their decision-making was apparent. ENSOGO Analytics’ team built the first of its kind solution: a holdings-based analysis of mutual funds addressing Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG), and negative screening analysis to avoid investments in certain securities or industries.


The power of ENSOGO Analytics is that we are increasing transparency into investments that have been opaque to most investors. Our goal is to democratize an important new area of investment research—Environmental, Social, and Governance issues. The largest institutional investors and wealthiest individual investors have ready access to research into these issues. Smaller investors do not. ENSOGO Analytics bridges this gap by providing mutual fund investors an easy to understand analysis of their investments in which they can take action.


At ENSOGO Analytics, we believe that the values of our clients are paramount. Our research is objective and designed to allow financial advisors and their clients to set their own issue priorities.

Our Team

Mark Bateman

Founder and CEO

Mark brings more than 20 years of experience researching environmental, social, governance (ESG) issues in support of socially responsible, values-based, and sustainability investing to ENSOGO Analytics. (MORE…)

Randall Edwards

Co-Founder, Business Dev.

Randall brings extensive investment leadership to his role at ENSOGO Analytics. He served as Oregon State Treasurer from 2001-2008, overseeing the investments of one of the country’s most sophisticated pension funds. (MORE…)

Tim Phillips

Marketing Advisor

Tim is a recognized leader in the area of wealth management and serves as an advisor to ENSOGO Analytics He founded Phillips and Company, which now has more than 4,500 clients nationwide (MORE…)

Linda Haglund


Linda serves as an advisor to ENSOGO Analytics. She was Oregon Deputy State Treasurer from 2001-2008. In addition to leading all operations within the Treasurer’s Office, (MORE…)