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Investing with Your Values

Mark Bateman - November 27, 2017

Values [noun]–Deeply held beliefs and attitudes.


While investing is only a part of your life and action, it is something about which we all have control and make decisions. What do our investments say about our values? Are we comfortable with what they say?

Do you have any idea what your investments say about your values?

First, consider whether you know enough about your investments to answer these questions. Figuring that out what you own can be difficult, especially if you invest in mutual funds.


Whether you are an individual trying to answer these questions yourself, or a financial advisor helping your clients, the process is one of gathering information, figuring out the balance of issues and concerns, and making the best available decision. (ENSOGO Analytics helps financial advisors work with their clients to have these conversations.)

None of this is to say that there is a right or wrong approach to investing or that anyone has the right to tell you what your values should be or what your investments should be. Your values may be different than my values and there’s nothing that makes mine right and yours wrong (or yours right and mine wrong).