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ENSOGO Analytics

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Retains and Deepens Your Client Relationships

  • You worked hard to get each client; ENSOGO helps you keep them.
  • ENSOGO broadens your knowledge base to answer more of your clients' questions.
  • ENSOGO improves your customer service.
  • ENSOGO helps you match your clients' investments to their values.

Expands Your Client Base

  • Whether it's SRI, sustainability, or faith-based investing, more people are looking for advisors with investments in these areas; ENSOGO is your solution.
  • Millennials (24% of the population) care about their impact on the world; ENSOGO prepares you to reach these investors.

Differentiates You from the Competition

  • ENSOGO allows you to answer questions that your competitors can not.
  • ENSOGO Analytics is a one-of-a-kind product giving you a competitive edge in servicing current clients and winning new ones.

What They Said

We weren’t happy with the way our foundation was being invested. Our board went looking for a solution to investing our money to match our values and found ENSOGO Analytics. ENSOGO gave us the ability to find mutual funds that met our financial goals and the values of our organization.
— Andrea Durbin
Executive Director
Oregon Environmental Counsel
ENSOGO Analytics is one of the best new financial tools that I have seen in the marketplace. There is simply no product like it. You can generate a complete ESG report on any mutual fund with the push of a button. I use ENSOGO every day with my clients.
— John Wrenn
UBS Advisor
ENSOGO Analytics has given me a new tool to help my clients invest their money. My clients have really liked that I can bring an additional way to look at their investments. ENSOGO is a powerful tool to discuss my client’s values and find investments to match them.
— Barak Tanzer
B. Tanzer Investments LLC

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